Can you convince a computer to spill its secrets?



The finals of the contest will be held at Reykjavik University at 19:30-20:30 on August 30. We will have a great show: entertaining interviews, a scoreboard and live commentary showing as the 9 hackers battle on stage for 30 minutes to attack each other's computers … and defend their own! Entrance is free, and light snacks will be provided before the contest starts. Will be superfun!


RU Hacking Contest 2013

Welcome! Chances are you have come here because you are curious about how things work and what makes them tick. After all, curiosity is the essence of human existence. In the olden days, people who were inherently curious about looking under the hood of computers were called hackers. When the Internet came along, the phrase became associated with those who found exploits against Internet services, making them do unexpected things such as granting outside access. Now, the word hackers produce an image of organized criminals in cyberspace who write viruses, steal credit card details and spy on people or companies for money.

The rapid growth and increasing role of the Internet in our lives makes it more important than ever to ensure the security of people and computers online from attacks by these groups. But to defend against cyber-attacks, one must understand how they are mounted. We must put ourselves in the shoes of the curious hacker who tries to understand how Internet services can be made to do something they are not supposed to. The goal of the RU Hacking Contest is to help you acquire such knowledge through layers of puzzles designed to whet your appetite, while also raising awareness of the danger of security bugs. And of course, it's be great fun!

How does the competition work?

(1) The goal


The competition starts with a Qualification Round which began on July 12. There are multiple secret phases corresponding to Stages which you will uncover on your quest. For each of these Stages, the first one to find the phrase for a secret level is declared the winner of that stage.

During your quest these secret phrases will be upper-case [KEYWORDS]. Once you uncover them, you can enter your name, e-mail and the keyword here below and a moderator will approve correct submissions. Note that you may work in pairs if you prefer.

(2) The winners

The 8 people who make the furthest progress in the contest before August 10 23:59 HST, counted by number of stages solved (ties broken by earlier submissions), will be invited to participate in the on-site finals as a part of the Nordic Security Conference in Reykjavik, August 26-30 2013. These finals will involve a full attack/defense and will be described later. All finalists as well as the ultimate winner will also receive prizes which will be announced.

Attendum: We're very excited to see the international participation in the contest! Please let us know if you will be in Iceland during the conference/finals.

(3) The rules

To take part, you must agree to the rules of the competition.

Need help getting started? Here is a brief introduction. In the later stages, you may benefit from understanding the server set-up.

Good luck, and have fun! =)

(4) Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors for supporting the competition. Syndis and Reykjavik University.

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